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Dr. Jacqueline E. Rice, Associate Dean
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2014: I've started a webpage of outreach resources for math and computer science. Thanks to the Hour of Code Initiative there are many new tutorials and self-contained activities that are free and require no computer science background. And they are FUN! Check out my page, or start here.

2013: Science Sizzle is coming to learn programming! Please click here for the exercise sheet.

2012: We are running a Robotics Day on December 8th, 2012! See this webpage or download the poster for more information.


My major areas of interest include logic synthesis, representations and classification of Boolean functions, particularly decision diagrams (DDs) and spectral transforms. My current projects focus on logic synthesis, testing, and function representations for reversible logic.

I am also working on a project involving an examination of how people use programming languages, and whether there exist particular styles that can be identified and if these styles are better or worse for particular types of applications, groups, or projects.

Other areas of interest include women in engineering and computer science and education in computer science and engineering.

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     - advice for graduate students (from Iowa State)
     - my women in science page
     - I am on the "Ask a scientist" web page!


CS 1000 Introduction to Computer Science Fall 2003, Fall 2004, Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012
CS 1620 Fundamentals of Programming I Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2005, Spring 2010, Spring 2014
CS 2610 Introduction to Digital Systems Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Fall 2012, Fall 2013
CS 3660 Introduction to Database Systems Spring 2003, Spring 2005, Spring 2006
CS 3720 Intro. to Software Engineering Summer Session I 2007, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2014
CS 3740 Programming Languages Spring 2015
CS 4850A Advanced Logic Synthesis Fall 2004
WMST 3600 Knowledge, Science & Technology Fall 2006
CS 5850 Professional Skills Spring 2009, Fall 2009
CS 4210/5210 Introduction to Reversible Logic Spring 2013
WGST 3060 Fall 2013


PROSPECTIVE GRADUATE STUDENTS: Currently I do not have any funding for new graduate students. However if you are self-funded or plan to apply for scholarships then by all means contact me. See above below for my areas of interest; all graduate and summer students whom I hire are expected to work in one of these areas.

Students who are interested should have good written and spoken English skills, and should be prepared to work independently. You must be self-motivated and ready to work hard, and your cover letter should demonstrate this. If you are looking for funding then the University of Lethbridge has an excellent funding package available to students with high GPAs (3.5 or higher). If you are interested and think that you have the necessary background for working with me, please email me with:
  • a cover letter
  • your transcript
  • your resume or CV
  • a sample of your previous work, e.g. a paper, report, or final project that you might have worked on.
You will also need three reference letters.

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: On occasion I hire undergraduate students to help me out with research projects. Your chance of being hired is much higher if you have applied for funding such as NSERC or a Chinook award. Deadlines for these are generally early JANUARY. This is a great way to see if you might want to do graduate studies before making a big committment to it. Come and see me if you are interested. You can also receive Applied Studies credit for the work in some cases.

Other undergraduate opportunities include Independent Studies courses in my areas of interest or working as a volunteer or employee for LUMACS.


     - ASPIRE: Arts & Science Programs Inspiring Research Exploration
     - CS Education Day 2012
     - LUMACS: life, u, mathematics and computer science
     - Let's Talk Science
     - North American Linguistics Olympiad
     - Destination Exploration Summer Science Camps

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     - Google - Don't Be Evil

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     - my own outreach page! (a work in progress)
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     - scratch
     - puppy building instructions and instructor resources (alternate site here).
     - Gear for Girls -- a list of CS educational resources and activities

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