Lethbridge Collegiate Programming Contest

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Division I:

First place:Matt Basaraba
Second place:Brandon Fuller
Third place:Marko Ilievski

Division II:

First place:Stephanie McIntyre
Second place:Brad Melchin
Third place:Julius Moore

Programming Contest 101

The Lethbridge Collegiate Programming Contest (LCPC) is part of an international event that pits the top universities in the world against one another. You will be given a set of real-world problems and will attempt to solve as many as you can in 3 hours. The contest will test your algorithmic skills and creativity.


For the LCPC, we will be breaking up into two divisions (cleverly named Division I and Division II). Division I will have more challenging problems that are designed for more experienced programmers, whereas Division II will contain simpler problems that are aimed at new-comers. Each student will have an option of which Division they would like to compete in.

Note: You are not eligible to compete in Division II if you have competed in a regional competition or taken CPSC 3200 in the past.


Division I Division II
First Place$300$200
Second Place$150$100
Third Place$75$50
Note: only University of Lethbridge students are eligible for prizes.

Programming Environments

At the LCPC, contestants may use C, C++ or Java. During the contest, you will have access to the following references: These websites (plus the submission page) are the only websites that you will have access to during the contest. However, you may bring in any non-electronic items you wish (e.g., textbooks, scrap paper, hints, etc.).

If you are competing in Division II, then you will be able to ask the organizers for assistance for simple programming issues. This includes syntax errors, unknown compiler errors, etc.

Location and Time

When: October 10, 2015
  • Practice Session and Lunch: 11:00AM - 11:55AM
  • Lunch is provided to students competing at the University of Lethbridge.
  • Contest: 12:00PM - 3:00PM
  • Results and Prizes: 3:00PM - 3:30PM
Where: D519 for Division I and C513 for Division II

Contest Format

  • This is an individual contest.
  • The contest will have 5 problems and run for 3 hours.
  • No electronic devices in the room (except the computers, of course!).
  • You may bring any written material you wish (including textbooks, pre-written code, etc.).
  • You will be allowed to print your code during the contest.
  • Contestants are ranked according to who has the most solved problems, with ties broken by the time to solve the problem.

NOTE: There will be an information session on September 16 4:00pm in D631 aimed at the new-comers and will describe the contest format more formally. (There will be pizza and pop provided, so why not go?!).

Eligibility and Registration

  • You must be a student at the University of Lethbridge to claim prizes.
  • You must be eligible to compete in the 2015 regional contests in order to claim prizes. (Most students are eligible -- Contact Howard Cheng if you are unsure).
  • Students not meeting these requirements are eligible to compete, but not claim prizes.
  • Registration closes on October 7, 2015.
  • If you run into any issues while registering or have any questions, please contact Howard Cheng.


Feel like you need a tune-up before the contest? Here are a few websites that should help you out: