University of Lethbridge 2013 World Finals Team

Team Members

Team members:
Darcy Best, Christopher Martin, and Hugh Ramp.
Howard Cheng
Assistant coach:
Kevin Grant
Left: official team photo. Right: showing off our prizes for the ICPC Challenge.

World Finals

The 2013 World Finals took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 3, 2013. Overall, we were 80th (of 120 teams). We were 12th of 23 North American teams, and 3rd of 6 Canadian teams. Please see the official results for more details.

ICPC Challenge

The ICPC Challenge is an optional challenge for World Finals teams. Each team implements a player for a computer game and the players compete against each other. Our team took 4th place in the official challenge.

In a rematch among the top 8 World Finals teams and the top 8 Open Challenge teams, our player took 2nd place.

Howard Cheng

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