Third Combinatorics Day at the University of Lethbridge
Place and Date
University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Thursday November 28, 2002
Invited speakers
Invited speakers are:
Location and Registration
All events will be held on the campus of the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. To reach the university: fly to Lethbridge, or fly to Calgary and drive for 2.5 hours, taking highway 2 south to Ft. MacLeod and highway 3 east from there, or fly to Great Falls and drive for 3.5 hours, taking the highway north. Once in Lethbridge proceed to the west side of town since the University is located on the western coulee banks of the Old Man River. On Highway 3 look for the Highway 25 exit south. The sessions are in the main building (University Hall). Parking is available in the parking area (Exploration Place) on the north-west side of campus. See campus map.
There is no registration fee.
It is anticipated that there will be a dinner at the Coco Pazzo Restaurant in the evening (starting at 17:30). Since it is American Thanksgiving the restaurant may offer free-range tofu-turkey pizza for the vegetarian crowd (just kidding)!
TimeRoomSpeakerTitle and Abstract
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10:50-11:20W514J. LiuHamiltonian properties of complements of line graphs
11:20-11:50W514T. KloksOn general partition graphs
12:15-13:05W561R. ScheidlerKEYNOTE Talk
How to exchange secrets --
communication of cryptographic keys
13:15-13:50W561D. WitteHamiltonian paths in cartesian powers of directed cycles
13:55-14:30W561R. GuyThree problems between graph theory and topology
14:30-15:00W561 coffee break
15:00-15:35W561J. MorrisStitching Images Back Together
15:40-16:15W561P. ZvengrowskiVertex Embeddings of Regular Polytopes
Organizing Committee and Contacts
The organizing commitee is: Hadi Kharaghani, University of Lethbridge, with the assistance of J. Morris, J. Liu, and a coyote-like animal.
If you have questions please send e-mail to Hadi Kharaghani at hadi at or write to:
  Combinatorics Days,
  Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science,
  University of Lethbridge,
  Lethbridge, Alberta   T1K 3M4

  FAX:            (403) 329-2519