Photos from the Sixth Combinatorics Day


Richard Anstee

Anthony Bonato

Willem Haemers

Mikhail Muzychuk

Qing Xiang

W. Haemers and A. Bonato between talks with Sean Legge amused by the proceedings

organizers Peter Zvengrowski and Hadi Kharaghani solving a problem
Post-event Dinner

Saieed Akbari, Q. Xiang, Joy Morris (back to camera), M. Muzychuk and some graduate students

Many people including S. Akbari, Q. Xiang (close booth), Rick Wilson (mid booth), P. Zvengrowski (far booth)

W. Haemers, Rick and Kathy Wilson, R. Anstee and others

Rick Wilson, John Moon and his wife, R. Anstee, Reza Khosrovshahi