Wolf's photos and links to more
    Links to my photos at Google: All photos here and on links (c) W. Holzmann or J. Blair. Get permission before using.    A few favourite videos (not mine):  
Some of my favourite photos
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Mt. Fairweather (highest point in B.C.), icebergs in Alsek Lake and
the Grand Plateau Glacier from Bear Island, Alaska
2012 July 11 (c) W. Holzmann
Downtown Vancouver, English Bay and Mt Baker from near Lighthouse Park
2011 August 21 (c) W. Holzmann
A pair of Fourspot Butterflyfish with some Yellow Tangs, Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawai'i
2011 March 26 (c) W. Holzmann
Achilles Tang, Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawai'i
2011 March 26 (c) W. Holzmann
Childers Cove, west of Melbourne, Australia
2011 November 24, 16:24 (c) W. Holzmann
A flower meadow near Singing Pass, Whistler B.C.
1981 August 9 (c) W. Holzmann
Wire Pass Slot Canyon just north of Utah - Arizona border, with cat Tabby
2011 May 15, 11:02 (c) W. Holzmann
fall Snow Willows on Avion Ridge, Waterton National Park, Alberta
2011 September 21, 14:43 (c) W. Holzmann
Peru photos
  Mt. Huascaran (6768m, 22205ft), Ancash, Peru, the highest mountain in the tropics and the fourth highest outside the Himalayas, photographed from the east on 2006 July 02 10:55 PET. Sunrise over the Amazonian jungle from Tres Cruses (3625m, 11900ft), Perú, photographed 2006 July 16 06:14 PET.  
  Highest elevation reached was in Peru on Pastoruri Ridge SE of Huaraz: 5220m, 17125ft.  
Rarotonga/New Zealand photos
Taakoka Island from Muri Beach on Rarotonga Island, Cook Islands, South Pacific, 2008 January 28 10:23 CKT. Coconut palms by our beachfront unit on the west side of Rarotonga Island, Cook Islands, South Pacific, 2008 January 27. Red Crater and Mt. Ngauruhoe on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, North Island, New Zealand. Photo taken 2008 February 20 10:30 NZDT.
Aoraki/Mt. Cook (3754m, 12316ft) on the South Island of New Zealand is the highest mountain in New Zealand. This summer photo was taken on the Hooker Valley Track on 2008 February 5 15:26 NZDT. Surf at Okarito beach, West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, 2008 February 2. A kea, a member of the parrot family, on Avalanche Peak, Arthurs Pass, South Island, New Zealand with Shaler Range in the background. Photo taken mid-summer: 2008 January 31 13:19 NZDT.
Ontario photos
  From Ouimet Canyon with distant Sleeping Giant Peninsula on Lake Superior, Thunder Bay, Ont., 2010 September 26. red maple leaves, 2010 September 28.  
Other photos
  Indian Paintbrush, Tumbling Glacier, B.C. Tundra Lake, Stein River/Lillooet, B.C.