Canadian Number Theory Association XII Meeting
University of Lethbridge
June 17-22, 2012

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Kathrin Bringmann, University of Cologne.
Chantal David, Concordia University.
Henri Darmon, McGill University.
Andrew Granville*, Université de Montréal.
Roger Heath-Brown, University of Oxford.
Minhyong Kim, University College London.
Ram Murty, Queen's University.
Bjorn Poonen*, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Umberto Zannier, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

* To be confirmed.

The CNTA was founded in 1987 at the International Number Theory conference at Laval University. Approximately every 2 years since then, the universities of one Canadian city organize a week-long celebration of number theory.
The previous meetings were held in Banff (1988), Vancouver (1989), Kingston (1991), Halifax (1994), Ottawa (1996), Winnipeg (1999), Montrétal (2002), Toronto (2004), Vancouver (2006), Waterloo (2008), and Wolfville (2010).
These have been high quality conferences which have had wide participation of the international number theory community. It is now one of the largest international meetings in the field, along with the European Journéees Arithmétiques.
Please see the CNTA site, which tracks much of the history of CNTA, including links to past CNTA Meetings and Conference Proceedings.

The Ribenboim Prize, for distinguished research in number theory by a mathematician who is Canadian or has connections to Canadian mathematics, is normally awarded every 2-4 years in conjunction with a CNTA meeting. The prize winner will receive a certificate and medal and will give a plenary talk at the associated CNTA meeting. Normally the prize winner will have received his or her Ph.D. within the last 12 years.
The last Ribenboim prizes were awarded to Andrew Granville (1999), Henri Darmon (2002), Michael Bennett (2004), Vinayak Vatsal (2006), Adrian Iovita (2008), and Valentin Blomer (2010).
The Prize will be presented at this summer's meeting.

Local organizers (from University of Lethbridge):
Amir Akbary, Habiba Kadiri, Nathan Ng.
Other organizers:
Michael Bennett (UBC), Nils Bruin (SFU), Matthew Greenberg (Calgary), Renate Scheidler (Calgary), Vinayak Vatsal (UBC).

Contact: cnta2012 (at) cs (dot) uleth (dot) ca

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