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Graduate Students

  • Allysa Lumley
    MSc student 2012-2014
    Thesis: Explicit results on primes

    - Zero density for Dirichlet L-functions, in preparation, with Nathan Ng.
    - Explicit bounds for Ψ(x;q,a), preprint, 29p.
    - Short intervals containing primes, Integers 14 (2014), Paper No. A61, 18 pp.

    2014-2015: Instructor at the University of Lethbridge
    Since September 2015: PhD candidate at York University.

  • Fataneh Esteki
    MSc student 2010-2012
    (Co-supervision with Amir Akbary)
    Thesis: Approximations for some functions of primes
    In September 2014: graduate student at University of Hawaii, Manoa, US.

  • Undergraduate Students

    Summer and Fall 2010:
    Laura Faber
    Chebyshev bounds for Ψ(x).
    Chinook Research Summer Award
    Article: New bounds for psi(x), Math. Comp. 84 (2015), no. 293, 1339--1357.

    Summer 2009:
  • Laura Faber
    (Co-supervision with Nathan Ng)
    Explicit bounds for the n-th prime number.
    Chinook Research Summer Award

  • Allysa Lumley
    Explicit bounds for some prime counting functions
    Chinook Research Summer Award

  • Summer 2008:
    Allysa Lumley
    Chinook Research Summer Award

    Postdoctoral Students

    Timothy Trudgian (2010-2012)
    PhD 2010, Oxford, UK.
    Since July 2012: ARC Early Career Research Fellow at the ANU (Australian nattional University) College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Canberra, Australia.

    Brandon Fodden (2009-2010)
    PhD 2007, Queen's.
    Since September 2013: Instructor at Carleton University, Ottawa.

    Past students and postdocs in our number theory group.

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