Bagpipe MIDI Tunes

This is a collection of MIDI files scavenged from various places on the 'net, purely for my own amusement. A much bigger collection, from which many of these were collected, is Bagpipes at Best.

I've also gathered together midi files of Irish and other Scottish traditional music, not necessarily just piping tunes. These come from a repository at Taylor's Traditional Tunebook.

If you happen to come across midi files (or sheet music) for tunes I've listed without accompanying midi files, I'd appreciate hearing about where you found them.

The tartan background is the City of Dundee tartan.


Highland Dancing Music

Tunes for dancing the lilt:

Tunes for dancing the Sean Truibhas:

Tunes for dancing the fling:

Tunes for dancing the Flora MacDonald's Fancy:

The sword dance is done to the Ghillie Callum.

Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks Johnnie? (more simply, the Johnnie) can be danced to

A tune used for dancing the Sailor's Hornpipe is

Other Dance Tunes




Other pipe tunes and variations