Course home page

Very useful links

  • UBC Connect - You'll be able to find your quiz grades on Connect, and we almost certainly won't use it for any other purpose.
  • Course Outline - List of topics covered each week.
  • Learning Objectives (8 page PDF)
  • WeBWorK - Our course's WeBWorK page.
  • CLP textbook - Your primary textbook for the course.
  • CLP problem book - Supplemental exercises. You should do plenty of these questions each week (you do not hand them in).
  • Piazza - Our course's Piazza page.
  • Access and Diversity - If you require assistance from A&D, such as registering for assistance with assessment, we suggest you approach them as soon as possible.
  • Old exams - hosted on the Mathematics Department website.
  • A wiki of old exams - developed by mathematics graduate students.
  • Please look at the Appendix in the CLP textbook on high school trigonometry and geometry (areas and volumes) that we expect you to know. The appendix is divided into 3 sections:
    • What you should know,
    • What you should be able to derive, and
    • What you don't need to know but might find interesting.

Important dates

  • Friday, May 19: Last day to withdraw without receiving a "W"
  • Monday, May 22: Victoria Day; no class
  • Friday, June 2: Last day to withdraw (with a "W")
  • Thursday, June 22: Last day of class
  • Monday, June 26 - Friday, June 30: Final Exam period

General advice for success

All of these tips and strategies are discussed in more detail on the UBC math study skills wiki page.