Computer Graphics - CS3710

Spring 2012

MWF 2--2:50 in room W565

Instructor: Dr. S. K. Wismath

- University of Lethbridge -

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

This course is a mix of programming (in OpenGL) and theory. Students should be comfortable programming large assignments independently in C++ or C. Some mathematical maturity is also expected.


Project for 2012

OpenGL Shading Language document (A. Butcher)

Course Outline (PDF) Course Outline (PDF).

Assignments Description of Assignments.

Selected Solutions Solutions.

[Course Outline] [OpenGL Shading Language document (A. Butcher)] [Solutions] [Assignments]

One component of this course traditionally is a project in which students create some high quality images using a non-pipelined graphics renderer such as POVRay, Blender, 3DS, etc.

Here is a link to previous years' projects:

Spring 2010

Spring 2009

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Spring 2007

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Spring 2002

And in Fall 1998 the students made some movies!

Fall 1997

The Povray organisers run a contest too and here is a link to some of the amazing winners .

Online Resources and Help

On-line documentation (NeHe): OpenGL tutorials etc.

Some help with using devc++ for OpenGL

And here are some more hints from Breanne on how to get devc++ working for OpenGL and her glut.DevPak .

Some notes (courtesy of Ethan Kim) on how to get OpenGL working under Linux

For Ubuntu: Ubuntu

Mac users: In the include header, change GL to GLUT. If you use xcode, see: Mac tutorial

An important link for glut and tutorials on OpenGL (a bit dated).

redbook in zip format (older edition)

glut specs (postscript)

opengl 1.2.1 (pdf)

"Boxes in Space" is written and Copyright 1997 by Stephen Wismath

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