CS3710 Blender Project

Dylan Beauchamp


For this project I decided to model an octopus. Quickly I realized there would be many ways of doing this. Perhaps the best way I found was to create a single sucker for the tentacle, and then create an array of these along a curve. I tried this at first but it was a little beyond me as a beginner to this program, so I went with a simpler method. For the tentacles I created a cylinder and tapered it off at the end using proportional editing. Then I created a bone armature underneath it so I could bend it around easily. For the body I added an oval, and extended it upwards multiple times, scaling along the way to approximate the body. You can see this in the picure below:

From here it was a matter of copying all of the tentacles, moving them into place and moving their bone structure around until I was pleased. Then I added a sphere for the eyeballs, and a smaller squashed sphere for the pupils. I was experimenting with texture painting tool that blender has but I couldn’t get it to look quite right. So I just chose a standard octopus orange colour, an ocean blue background, and added a spotlight above and to the side. I think this was a good introduction to 3D modeling and I can see that there are many things from here that I could still learn.