My project is making a curved couch, it will be created using the following steps by the progam 3DMax:

1: Create Geometry.

2: Create “tube” under the tool section and then delete ¾ of the tube

(This is for making the bench of the couch)

3: Create “box” under the tool section, in total will have 7 boxes

(This is for making the back of the couch)

4: Select boxes, right click, convert to, editable poly.

(This is for converting the back and the bench of the couch.

5: Under selection, vertex, paly with the vertex and convert the shape into smoothly curved shape.

6: Create “box” under the tool section.

(This is for making the lag of the couch)

7: Change the uniform scale, change all the scale of boxes and tubes make everything fit in good.

8: Using material editor, select arch and design material, there will be a green spot appear, drag and put the green spot onto the certain object.

9: Create a light, standard light, skylight. Create an overhead light for the couch.