Computer Graphics Project

By Patrick Kelly

This model was created for the PC game in NCG-19: Gravitus, for it,s Beta patch 1.23 using blender.

I began with a base cube adding initial sub divides to the cube so I could being to obtain the base shape i desired for the model. To maintain symmetry I was sure to move vertices and faces either by way of the inflate/deflate tool or by the translate tool along an axis of shared symmetry. This manipulation gave me a base model to work from.

I then used the extrude tool to begin extending the body of the spaceship being sure to maintain the models symmetry. This transformation gave me the entire forward section of the ship and I moved on to trying to construct the center body and wings of the ship.

First I extruded four small lengths from the model and then using the deflate and translation tools I created a visual divide between the largely complete front section and the newer incomplete body section of the ship. Nest I extruded two sections using the extrude individual tool to form the basis of wings on either side of the center body. Again using the extrude and translate tools I further defined the wings maintaining the models overall symmetry. Finally for the modeling step I used the extrude tool to model small engine components at both the front and the rear of each wing.

Once I had completed the initial model I needed to clean up the geometry. Once it was apparent the automatic slicing process would not properly divide the faces of the model I began manually using the slice tool to correct for issues in the geometry.

I began skinning the model by first attempting sever different slicing layout to generate UV maps fro the model. Once I found a slicing patter that created an acceptable UV map I exported the map into gimp and created a solid colour mapped version of the model skin. Once happy with the layout of the solid mapped skin I then began using image manipulation tools to add additional details the models UV map.

Download STL file