Blender Project

For my Blender Project I made a 3D Mace which could be used in a game as a character weapon.

To make this object I used basic objects in blender and transformed them to resemble a mace, I used a 3 light setup to make it look much better and used the sub divide, scale, and basic rotations, transformations. I then used the points of my subdivided cube to shape it into the shape of a mace.

After I had one mace made I duplicated it to show it from a different perspective and so I could use different textures on both. Then I added a ring which is attached to the mace which allows a hand grip when using the blunt side. The mace also acts as a stabing tool because of its pointy design All I did then was change the background color added a texture to it and all the objects to make them look very realistic. The most difficult part of this project was learning Blender and understanding the steps needed to model a 3D object.