CPSC 3710 – 3D Modelling Project


For this project I was interested in modelling something with both a heart shape and that could be printed on a 3d printer. I was inspired to create a “Heart Cup” based on the expresso mug below.

Stage 1

I began by creating the heart base portion of the interior mug, the heart shape. This was done by creating multiple circles and manipulating the vertices into a heart shape as I still have not mastered the free form drawing tools. Drawing the heart took a reasonable amount of time as I wanted the base portion to be well done.

Modifying vertices to create the heart

Stage 2

After creating the desired interior base, I began to create the raised circular portion of the inner mug by raising the circular portion draw around the heart, stage by stage.
Once the circular portion was raised, I started to join and fill the vertices to create the circular to heart gradient of the interior mug.

Stage 3

I connected the bottom of the heart portion of the cup. This was done using a merge tool and it created the solid base of the interior mug.

Stage 4

Finishing the interior. After creating the base interior of the mug, the walls were raise to create the full interior.

Stage 5

An exterior body was then created to contour the interior

Stage 6

A handle object was then created and merged with the main body of the mug

Joining and filling the gap from the handle

Stage 7

Finally the cup was made!

Smoothed it out

Stage 8

After creating a texture material for the mug resembling porcelain, the image was rendered!


The greatest challenge, without a doubt, was simply learning to navigate the Blender interface. Having no background (or talent) in visual media, a significant amount of time was invested in simply learning the basics of navigating the software and the different tools available for 3d modelling. Learning the various short cuts required to manipulate objects was a cause of great frustration. If I were to continue with this project I would be interested in creating object that further challenge the base knowledge I’ve acquired, such as a two piece teapot with a relief and texture. Html isn't my thing either...