Project by Jordan Rumsey


After watching a handful of youtube walkthrough videos; I decided to keep it simple and use elements from many, while giving my own spin on it. After watching tutorials for 3D logos, and other various random objects, I decided on a bunny plushie.


To do this I had to learn an enormous amount. The first challenge I encountered was using the Blender interface. Not coming for an artistic background, nor have ever using an environment like this before. It was very confusing.
The next challenge I found was the hotkeys. Deselecting, scaling, rotating, creating new objects, panning, duplicating, zooming took quite awhile before I could use them without double checking.
But the biggest challange I found was taking that image in my head and creating it on the screen. Getting the bunny's left ear to fold like I wanted to proved to be much more difficult than expected. Watching tutorial after tutorial and still not having any idea how to do it; I finally found a solution that worked(by forming two halves of the object and combinding them).


Watching many tutorials gave me the basic steps I needed to complete this. Create an object, form it into a shape I want, scale it, rotate it, put it into place, and move onto the next shape.

First I created the very basic shape of the head and body.

Then creating the arm(with help of the proportional vertex tool) and palm.

Since each arm/palm combo don't differ besides their rotation and placement; I duplicated this objects for the remaining arms/legs.

Like I said earlier, the most difficult parts were creating the ears. The first one was much simplier than the second cause all I needed was to tinker with scale, and using the proportional vertex tool to aquire the shape I wanted.

The second ear was a bit of a struggle to get the shapes I wanted.

Created the nose and reshaped it to more of a bunny's nose.

And added/placed the finals objects, the eyes.

The next process of handling and configuring the object was an entirely different process. Luckily Blender has a handful of tools to handle materials.

The above image is giving the eyes a glossy touch.

Set the hair for all the surfaces.

Set the camera.

Gave the hair some life(using Blender's particle effects).

Early render. Configured the light source, floor and background after.

And FINALLY, my first complete final render. BUT, I didn't like how the hair from the arms was coming through the paws.

After rendering, going back and tinkering, and rendering, and going back and tinkering a few times; here is my final render.

Download .blend file.