CPSC 3710 - Project

Professor: Dr. Stephen Wismath


Name: Gabriela Almeida

Student Number: 1178401

The .stl file was uploaded to this directory. In order to download it just add proj.stl to the actual link. (http://www.cs.uleth.ca/~silg3710/proj.stl)


Blender is a useful tool. It was hard for me to learn how to work on it, and it is still hard, since I don't know all the commands and shortcut keys. It is not an intuitive tool, and depending on the mode we are working with, some of the functions change, like if I choose to work with "Blender Render", and I am trying to change the surface of my object, the interface to choose my tools is completely different to the given interface when I choose to work with "Blender Game" or "Cycles Render".

Follow examples:

Click to open image Click to open image Click to open image

Moving the objects and trying to work on new views was also hard to learn, since it is not intuitive. If I right click on my object, I select it, then intuitively, I will try to get it using the left button of the mouse and carry it to where I want it to be but, I does not work. To move my object I have to use the left button of the mouse moving the respective arrow for each axis. It is almost impossible to work with Blender if you do not have a mouse, the middle button is necessary to change the object's position and views.

Follow example:

Just using the arrows blue, red or green it is possible to move the object.

Comparing Blender with other tools as AutoCad, Blender is easier since it has less options and it is smaller.


It was necessary to use two kinds of objects to draw the cup. The "body" of the cup comes from a Mesh object Cylinder, while the handler comes from a Curve object Path. These two kinds were joined using a method to add a surface in the space between them.

It was necessary to add texture to the object in order to don't see it just as a backbone. Smoothing and Adding texture was not a hard work, since there are few types of materials ready to use from Blender. It was necessary just to edit the Surface, using different Shaders. In order to give the ceramic texture to the object I used a mix of two shaders: "Diffuse BSDF" and "Glossy BSDF", transforming the diffuse shader in grey color.

Drawing the interior of the cup was a "mix" of Extrude and Rescale the interior of the cup, giving to it some weight.

The camera view was positioned in about 45 degrees . One plane was added behind the camera, while another was added under the cup in order to give to the cup some appearance of light.

The final non-rendered image of the cup was looking like as following:

The first time I rendered the image with 10 samples, and it was looking like this:

After the first time I rendered the cup with 250 samples. It took a while to finish but the final result was like this:

Setting the samples to be 1000, after a pretty long while, the The FINAL result looked like following:


After all I can conclude that Blender is not an easy tool, but it is not impossible to figure out how to use it. I took at least 10 hours watching tutorials on YouTube in order to learn how to make this cup, and following an example I was able to make my own model on my computer. After this project I feel confident to draw different objects using Blender.