My project is to make a billiard table in 3DS MAX software. Billiard is my favorite sport and I purpose to build my ideal pool table.

The procedures are as following:

Open 3DS MAX, choose create button on the top right corner, and then click “Geometry”. Next, choose “Box” to create a cuboid which will be billiard table’s desktop. Then, using box function to create another smaller cuboid as the bottom part of the desktop. And next, select the bottom cuboid, right click on mouse, choose “Convert to editable poly” to make the cuboid more soft.

Then, create another cuboid as the foot of the whole billiard table. Using “select and rotate” button on the top of work place in 3DS MAX to make the cuboid like a vaulted bridge. And then, using functions in “Convert to editable poly” which are “Vertex” and “Edge” to make this vaulted bridge smooth.

Next, using” Geometry”—“Geosphere” to make some balls. And choose different colors to color the balls.

Next, using” Geometry”—“Tube” to create six holes on the desktop. Also, using “Convert to editable poly”—“Polygon” to hollow the holes.

Then, using” Geometry”—“Cylinder” and “Select and uniform scale” to create billiard cue.

Next, create a multi-sub object material. Click “Material editor” to add material on table.

Finally, using” Geometry”—“Lights” to create lights.

And the followings are several high quality ray traced images of my 3D model “Billiard Table”, all rendered version of the object from different camera angles, with texturing and lighting.