Health Unit Caboose

Created by: Jonathan East

The following is a digital photograph of the Health Unit Caboose.

Here is the first rendered version of the Health Unit Caboose

Here is the second rendered version of the Health Unit Caboose

Creation Process:
My first task was to learn Blender, easier said than done. This is where I spent the majority of my time, just learning it. I can see how powerful a tool that Blender is, but there is a steep learning curve.

After I created the basic shape I started adding textures and base colors to objects that did not require textures. At this point it still did not look right, so I added some planes for the windows and doors.

All textures (windows, doors, stripe pattern on Caboose) were edited (in GIMP) from the original pictures I had taken.

Learning Blender has been an exercise in frustration. The default controls are counterintuitive (right click is used to select verticies, lines, or faces, not left click). Most of the tutorials rely heavily on knowledge of keyboard shortcuts. That said, once I got going and found techniques that worked for me it became easier.

The most difficult part was trying to get curves working, I still haven't.

One other thing that was frustrating was applying textures and colors to objects. If you don't create a new shape in Object Mode Blender treats everything you created as a single object. I had a completely red Caboose for a while before I figured that one out.