This is a model of the place I am currently renting, located in Lethbridge AB. In order to produce this 3D model, I used POVRay, and more specifically, kpovmodeler. I decided to use kpovmodeler because I am most comfortable with the Linux operating system and that is what is installed on my laptop. I used a box to represent the main section of the house. I then used triangles to form the main roof. I used another box to form the protrusion on the left side of the house where the windows are. I used two shallower boxes beside it to represent the curved sections where the other two windows are. I did it this way because I could not figure out how to properly create rectangles at those angles. The trim on the three triangular front sections is made up of more boxes. I used the union CSG command to give the trim the appearance of a single, unified object. The stairs are comprised of multiple boxes combined with a CSG union command. I added a patterned texture for the sky and I used a pattern on a plane for the ground. The texture for the the house is a sample of the siding from the original image in an imagemap. Finally, I exported at 800x600 resolution. original: