Computer Graphics
Project - Ray Tracing Software
What did I do:
For the project I did the old post office building in downtown Lethbridge. I'm a big fan of buildings from old time, so right after recieving the project description, I decide to do this post office.
What did I use:

I used Google sketchup to do this project, my first impression of this application after watching the tutorial was how easy it is for users to use. But after several try, I found it was not actually that easy.The application , in my understaning, focus more on describing a build using vertices and surfaces, rather than consider it as a collection of different 3D components.The Key part of this application is the "Push&Pull" tool, which could easily construct a 3D object from a 2D shape.

What Was Difficult:
The hardest part for me was to construct the build according to its original sizes, I found it was very difficult to measure the size from pictures since those taken using a wide-angle lense will have distortion, which made it even harder to measure precisely. Another hard part was the edges pf the building, There are about 10 different kinds of edging involved in this building ,which were quite diffcult to produce, most of them are folded edges with many layers.
Product: (click for larger image)
The original picture, taken in a sunny afternoon.
The model built up using sketch up.
The model built up using sketch up, using the original picture as background
Another view point:
The source file : (to be open with Google Sketch Up)