CPSC 3710 Project - Spring 2010

The original picture

This is my rough outline of the house, it is pretty well to proportion with the exception of the roof and the front portion of the house.

The first time I managed to complete one of the more interesting angles in the roof line. Needless to say, there was much rejoicing once I figured out the steps involved in creating this object.

Main roof to scale.

This is with the entire roof completed, was in complete rejoicing mode until I figured out that the far end of the roof was 2 cm's lower than the other side.

Before I fixed that portion of the roof. Also notice that the right side is wider where the soffit is when comparing to the left side. This was fixed in the final product.

Major details getting completed with the exception of the front porch which I did not look forward to due to all of the railing.

Front porch and other details completed. I was correct, it was not much fun toying with all of the railing.

Final Product

Front view

Rear of the house

Side view of the house

Closeup of the window structure. The windows were transparent while the texture behind them was from Sketchup, immitating the vertical blinds that are installed

Closeup of the roofline and eavestroughing. The eavestroughing was made in one continuous step, even around the corners

You might be wondering where the fourth side of the house is. It is completed but it is very boring since it faces the neighboors, has no windows, and is completely siding.