Computer Science 3710 Project - Nathan Shearer


For this project I initially started working with POV-Ray. After modelling 2-3 objectes I decided that learning Blender and using the graphical interface would be much faster and I could be more productive. Learning blender was quite difficult, it's similar to Vi where everything has cryptic keyboard shortcuts.

I decided to model my house at 5 Stafford Rd. N since I could take many pictures. It turns out that having many pictures from many angles helped greatly in estimating the dimentions and angles of the various polygons.

I've re-learned to save often; Some of the hot-keys in Blender cause it to exit without prompting or saving, which caused many headaches.

The most difficult part of this project was working with the textures and lighting. It turns out that creating the model is relatively easy once you get going but choosing the right texture and placing the lamps is very time consuming.

Digital Photo

Although this image appears small if you right-click on it you can view the image in its native resolution of 2592x1944. There is a car and tree obstructing the view, but is the best image of the set that I took. In hindsight I should have taken many more (hundreds would have been great). You can also click on the address in the introduction to view the street view of this house in Google Street View.

The two rendered models

There are additional details in other views of the house, if you are curious I've included the blender file. Just open it and take a look! ^_^

Credits & Sources

Several textures were downloaded from various sources::