CPSC 3710 Project: Canadair CF-104

Created by 3Ds Max Design 2010




The Southern Alberta Landmark I selected the CF-104 in Cold Lake AFB. The Canadair CF-104 (CF-111, CL-90) was a modified version of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter supersonic fighter aircraft built in Canada by Canadair under license. It served with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and later the Canadian Forces until it was replaced by the CF-18 Hornet.


I modeling CF-104 by using Autodesk 3Ds Max Design 2010 SP1 (64bit). The online tutorials and help files (YouTube, 3Ds Max FAQs,3Ds Max tutorials) proved to be beneficial while completing a project like this. (This the first time I touch this kind of program).

I got the three view graph from NASA website (they also use F-104s):


Then I colored and sliced this drawing:



Set those drawing as background in the 3Ds Max:

Left view:


Front view:


Top view:



Create intake and wing:


Because we can make image of objects so we only need created one wing, one intake and etc.

Create body and tail:


Add Fuel tank and missiles:


Set the metal for different part of CF-104

Brushed metal for engine, paint metal for body and wings (red and white), glass for cockpit (It still not looks real), than choose the environment, and render everything:

This one is the similar view:


And I real want it fly with weapons:





Difficulties & Conclusion:

This is the first time I draw something in 3D, it is really interesting to transfer the real object to 3 view then transfer back to the object in 3Ds Max. I use 3-veiw drawing to help myself in this project. Another problem is 3Ds Max it is a too powerful and too complex tools for lower level user, there is lot of advanced tool such as UVW mapping even I know what they are for and I do find some help document online, I still can figure out how it works. (This is also the reason why this model does not have any logo and symbol). The Last problem, it is hard to predict how the things will look like before render. My red Fuel tank in the editing view is white and the cockpit is dark blue.