CS3710 Project

Devon Croy
February 15, 2012


I used google sketchup to do all of the modeling for the project, for rendering i used the sketchup plugin su2pov to export to povray, which was used for the actual rendering.


To start modelling i first imported a picture i took of the subject into sketchup.

img2  img3

I then traced over the image to create meshes for each individual part, this was easy for all but one section that was angled and had overlapping sections


For the angled part i had to resolve for the overlaping area by tracing over images of both the back and front in order to fill in the missing details.

img5 img6

After the flat meshes were completed i used the push/pull tool to turn them into proper 3 dimentional meshes and positioned them properly.

img7 img8 img9

img img11

Additional details were added partially freehand using imported photos as reference.


img12 img13

I applied textures by using the materials editor, all textures i used were provided from photos taken by myself from the object being modeled.



img16 img17