CPSC 3710 3D Model Project
by Chris Hopewell


I chose to recreate the house that I live in! It gives me shelter and provides me with warmth when the wind is attacking me. What better building than the one that protects me while I sleep? To me, my house is my landmark. I spent approximately 30 hours on this project.

What I Used For This Project:

I decieded to use 3Ds Max Design 2012. I have always wanted to learn how to use 3D Studio since I first found out about how people made custom player models for Quake. I attempted to learn this program in the past, but I was never met with an opportunity due to a shortage of spare time.

What was Difficult:

I think the most difficult part of this project was trying to find the time to learn and understand it. It was overcoming the intimidation that really got to me. Learning 3D Max 2012 was intimidating and trying to find a model to use the program on was more so. I was afraid a certain building may be too difficult for my first run with the program. My heart was always my home; thusly found comfort in modelling it. I ended up crashing the program 3 times and researching little things became tedious, but I know it is practice that I will only benefit from.

Applying textures was incredibly time consuming and due to my time constraints, was also laden with pressure. I do wish I had more time to make touch ups that would improve the entire model, but given the tight timeline I had, I am proud at my first run with the program... and with my house!

I had lots of fun learning this program and quite enjoy my house! I hope you enjoy it just as much =)