John Kennedy's-Lethbridge Recycle Bins

Here is what I have made:

I decided that I was going to create 3D Models of some of the Lethbridge Recycle Bins... more specifically the Recycle Bins beside Tim Hortons on the West-side of Lethbridge. I felt they were slightly unorthodox in their general layout and design and we don't have them setup in Red Deer... We just have recycle bins that get picked-up weekly.

What I used to make it:

I explored the concepts of using POVray initially, and then decided to switch over to blender since there were more tutorial sites/information available. I also found the newer user interface was more ergonomic for the building and modelling of the recycle bins designs.The following two links will guide you to the tutorial material i decided to use. Link 1 Link 2

Things I found Difficult:

Ultimately, I found a few things fairly difficult at first... the UI of blender can be a bit overwhelming at first and can leave someone disheartened and a little confused, so I started with the Link 1 tutorial videos before fully getting started the assignment. After the project was underway issues that I experienced included trying to model the various shapes from existing models and applying various points to mold the desired output. As this started to come together I then had to color accordingly and found that this worked most effectively by setting the material and having each object set declared independantly to prevent accidental coloring of the same object. All in all though the only other thing I wished I could figure out was how to properly apply an image like a texture so as to give the recycle bins their final appearance.

More Images:

Here are some more sample images of the recycle bins in their rendered form

Final Thoughts:

This is the first time I have ever explored a 3D rendering application, and designed a 3D model. I found it interesting and it gave me some new unique insight into how 3D modelling and designs work as well as how much time an individual can lose in trying to make these images etc. Ultimately I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise and have new appreciation for what game developers and 3D animators go through to make our entertainment. If you are interested in seeing my project files you can email me at:


Ultimately I didn't explore to much beyond the aforementioned links in regards to the tutorials and tried to develop all the other content in the project by myself at home.