Computer Graphics
Project - Ray Tracing Software
What did I do:
I chose the Lougheed House in Calgary for this project. The house was built in1891 and was the home of the Lougheed family. The house has been restored in 2005, and is serving as a museum and resuaurant now. It is located at 707 - 13 Avenue SW, Calgary.
What did I use:

I used Google sketchup to do this project. The application is very easy to use, and the tutorial provided by google as well as those on Youtube are very helpful. The "Push" and "Follow me" tools are very useful when modeling.

What Was Difficult:
Since the house has been there for more than 100 years, there is no way I could find a blueprint of the build to look up the dimension. So the most difficult part is to measure the sizes accordingly. Also this is a complex house with several floors and I did not have access to the second floor, so a small part of the modeling is done by guessing. I found what the top of the building looks like from Bing Map which is a little bit clearer than the Google one.
Final Product: (click for larger image)
One of the original pictures,
The model built up using sketch up.
Satellite picture of the top taken from Bing Map
Top of the my model.
Pictures from diferent angles: