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Project Background:

For this project, I decided to model part of the Galt Musuem. The part I modelled is an old, decayed section of wall which used to belong to the Galt Musuem when it was still a hospital. I decided to use Blender for this project and I spent many hours simply learning how to use the software itself before I began modelling.

A first look at Blender

The Process:

Project Challenges:

The Blender software took a while to get used to since I have not done any modelling before. It was also quite difficult to add textures to objects using Blender and as a result I simply left out textures and used the object color tools that Blender provides, although it does not look as nice as I would have liked it to.


Overall, I found this project to be much more diffcult than I had expected, mainly due to the fact that a great deal of time is needed to actually learn all the ins and outs of the modelling software. After completing this project, I would say that Blender is more suited to creating models of a more abstract nature rather than buildings and structures. I think my particular choice would have been better suited towards Google Sketchup, although I did enjoy learning how to use Blender I will continue to experiment with it.