Jay Mikhail's 3710 Project

What I made:

I created a digital rendering of the Calgary Tower. The Calgary Tower is a 191 meter free standing observation tower in downtown Calgary. It was built at a cost of $3,500,000 in 1968, and weighs about 10,900 tonnes. Upon its creation it was the tallest building of its kind in North America. The main features inside the tower are a revolving restaurant, and the official Calgary tourism information center at the base of the tower.

How I made it:

After a short deliberation I chose to create my project using 3D Studio Max even though I had no experience with it. The program itself is quite obviously extremely powerful. However because of this it is quite difficult to learn how to use quickly, and as a result a large amount of the time I spent working on the project was dedicated to learning how to use it. In the end the project probably took me a total of about 12-15 hours of continuous work. There were a lot more smaller details that I would have liked to have added to my project, however I simply did not have the extra time to put into it. I found each step of creating the tower was about as difficult as the last, with perhaps the exception of getting the glare on the windows to render correctly. Unfortunatly I never did figure out why the glare would be removed when I rendered the image. Notice how there is a glare on the windows before I rendered it?

Comparison Images: