Robert Potrie

3710 ray tracing project

Summary and Experience:

The picture below is Fort Woop-up. I chose this land mark because I like old forts. I used 3D studio Max to make my render. I out about 9 hours into the creation of the fort and about 3 of those hours were wasted because I had to restart my fort over because I wasnít making it right. I didnít have to many problems With the creation although it was confusing until my friend lent me his 3d studio max tutorial book which had a tutorial on creating objects from start to finish. With the book as my guide it became very easy to make the render because the book was very clear and answered all my questions as well as lead me through a process of creation so I wasnít stumped on what to do next. Iív also had some previous experience with the program 3d studio max which is why I chose to use it to render my image. I really enjoyed this project by the time I was finished I didnít even realize how much time I had put into it.

I used my own Texture bitmaps from other pictures I took of the forts walls as well as an old wood bitmap provided by 3d Max. I would have had more details on the inside of the fort but the fort is closed during the winter so I could not get any photos of my own to know where or what is inside the fort in any great detail. I did the best I could with the photos I had taken.

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The Renders is comprised of:

-          Clynders for the poles in the fence

-          Cubes for the Walls of the buildings/ fence

-          Planes for roof, ground, and to fill in the holes of the building walls.

-          Cubes for the white building

-          Cylnders for the small fence

-          The Trees were premade with 3d max. †

-          Clyinders for the roof stacks and modified planes for some that are covered

-          I used the noise modifier with different seads on the wall poles, and wall cubes to hopefully make them unique in size and apperance. †