Mitchell Rioux's Custom Desktop Computer

What I did:

I wanted to do something that I thought would be challenging and look cool at the same time. I chose to do my computer case since it has many curved and beveled edges. It was not easy and I did not complete the whole thing, but I think that I did a decent job. Looking back on it, I would have done somethings differently(like use more planes rather than cubes) but that is all in the past.

Blender :

I used blender because I had used it before(nothing like this though). Blender has changed quite a bit since the last time I used it which was around 2007. I started off by watching some tutorials, but the one I found most helpful was This one. It showed me how to subdivide vertices and just generally manipulate the cube to become a shape. I think if I was to do the same prject again, I would use more planes rather than cubes. After subdividing many times, things can get confusing and near the end it ended up being a mess. I ended up deleting the whole front portion and starting a new with a plane. The 5.25 inch tray covers were difficult but after some thinking, I got them on there.

Problems encountered :

My main problem was that the clipboard was extremely small, 25 undoes basically. There were times when I would go and do something, want to undo it and there would not be enough undoes to undo it. I got used to saving, trying something, and reloading if it did not work. My first encounter with this was when I was going to do the feet, the feet of the case are very detailed and have a lot of indentation in them. I was going to try incorporate that but other things needed to be completed first. After trying to undo all the things that I had done, the clipboard was empty and I was stuck with this...

Later when I decided to delete the front section was because I could not get the bezel working, and I still never got it working but overall it was easier with a new plane on the front. By front bezel I mean the indents that are on the front of the case, just like the top. Also in this picture, it shows my progress of one side of the top bezel.

Another big problem I had was the side of the case, since the whole thing was a cube, and I modified it to make the legs, I did not know of an easy way to create the side air vents and grate.

My pictures and rendition :

I tried to match the pictures the best that I could, I had 3 light sources, 2 outside the case and 1 on the front power indicator. I used a brush aluminum texture that I found and applied it to everything except the front light, which I used another texture for. Overall I had fun doing the project and was pleased with the outcome, knowing I can do it better next time!