CPSC 3710 Project

Christopher Thomas

For this project, using the program Blender, I choose to make a 3D object of a small church that is located near my house. I choose this building because I could easily take pictures of it from all sides and it had an added architectural detail of a spire. The rendered images have been displayed with the original photos. Overall, I found that the church was not too difficult  to construct. I started with a solid rectangle for the base structure of the building. The textures for all of the walls, except the front of the building, were made using built in textures from Blender. I found the brick texture that I used for the front of the church on Google Images. Next I started on Creating the windows for the object. The windows were a little bit difficult and required a lot of objects to create. In order to make all of the windows identical, I grouped all of the parts of the original window object together and duplicated it. The fence at the back of the church was easy to make and the texture that I used for the fence was the wood texture built into Blender. The roof was made using flattened cubes and stretched cubes for the gutters. The roof itself was textured with a image found on Google Images. The small lamps located on the right side and the back of the church were made using a cone, a cylinder, and a flattened sphere. The satellite dish on the roof was one of the harder objects to create due to all of the angles of the various objects that composed it. I used a few cylinders, cones, a flattened sphere, and a flattened cube to create the satellite dish. The board above the door at the front of the church is a flattened cube that was textured with an image found on Google Images. The spire and chimney on the roof of the church were relatively easy to make. The chimney was made using a cube and two cylinders and was textured with the same texture as the walls of the base structure. The spire was made with many cubes that were joined together with a stretched cone at the top. The cross located at the front of the church above the front doors was difficult to make. I spent a lot of time trying to get the angles of each line to be as close as possible to the original image while trying to keep everything symmetrical. The doors were made by using multiple flattened cubes with a doorknob made from a flattened sphere, a cylinder, and a flattened cube. The pillars were made using a cylinder and the railing was constructed using multiple cubes. All of the ground was textured using images found on Google Images. Although I found the lighting for the object to be somewhat difficult, It created a nice effect on the finished product.

The first pair of images is of the front of the church.

These images are of the right side of the church.

These images are of the left side of the church.

These images are of the back of the church.

This last image is the rendered image taken from another angle.

I used the Blender manual found at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual.
The textures that I found were found on Google Images.