Lethbridge Post Office

Computer Graphics

By Neal Woodruff

I decided to do a recreation of the post office downtown, I chose the post office since this has always been one of my favorite buildings in downtown Lethbridge. I also took into consideration the relatively basic makeup of the building, I thought this would make the project a little easier on me.

The most difficult part was learning a new program and becoming familiar enough with it to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. Most of my other difficulties were manifestations of simply not being familiar with the software.

I chose to complete the assignment using blender. I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to use an object to carve another object, in blender this is referred to as the difference function, and is a subclass of the Boolean modifiers. This took me quite a while to find due to the fragmentation and differences between the different versions of blender. Were this an HCI assignment I'm sure I could make some suggestions of how to improve the blender UI, as I found navigating it was neither intuitive nor simple.

I chose blender because one of my colleagues was familiar with it, and I figured it would be easier to learn something if I had someone I could go to if I had questions. While this was useful, I found I used the blender wiki more than anything else.