Computer Graphics Project 3D Modeling Software

Model Information

  • Model Name: Fujifilm Intax Photo Frame
  • Use: A gift for my girlfriend
  • Size:About 9"*3.5"*3.5"
  • 3d Model Soft: 3D Max
  • Student Name: Bai Yaozong
  • Date: 2013/02/14

How I made it

It is occoured to me that 2 years ago on 2.14 I gave my girlfriend a gift which is a fujifilm instax instant camara and the photogragf it can make is about 86mm*54mm(About 3.39"*2.125"). Since we can have a chance to print out our own project, I decided to do something meaningful. This is a 3D model for the photo frame, as you can see, the top part is a frame which is like a mirror, we can put photograph in. And the bottom part is a support which is like a table. I use "3D max" in the university lab to make this model. It is not hard to make all the parts, for example I use "box" for the frame part, the difficulty is how to make the middle of the box gone, which I will talk about in the difficulty part.

This is the first time I use 3D Max software. I just use some basic functions. I created this model just by using some basic boxes, cylinders, and lines(table legs, and make it to 3D).

After I made all the parts, I group them together and put a floor and a light for the picture. I textured the frame to make it turn to purple, and make the table like a glass table(sorry I forgot what material them are.)

Also, I made a STL file, I hope the 3D printer can print it out. I can ungroup them to make it easy to print.

For More information about fujifilm instax instant camera, click Here.

What was difficult

The dificult parts I have been through are: how to group them together;how to make the middle part of my frame empty;

How to group all parts together.

Be honest, first time I use 3D max, I thought it is really hard to control. Because it is a 3D view. if I want to move one of my part, I have to consider move it 3 ways(x axis, y axis and z axis). I spent a lot of time to get use to it.

How to make the middle part of my frame empty.

I thought it was easy at the first time. But the fact is there is no existing frame model. I have to make a box, and a smaller box a sa component model.


It is a good practice for 3D modeling. And also it is very interesting.

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