Software Used: Blender 2.65.0
Operating System: archlinux

Modeling Project Report - Stephen F.

Model: archlinux logo, but then evolved into a pyramid thing. Description: I had started with and image of the archlinux logo. The reason I chose to create a 3D model of the logo is because it's my favorite Linux distro. Additionally, I couldn't decide on anything else to create.

Once I had started creating the logo, I got the "arch" finished. But then, there was a background panel, that for some reason I could not get reflecting correctly. So I abandoned the background as in the origional image, and decided to create a pyramid, and put the logos on each side. I also then decided to add some other details to the base model, the "Opera" logo, an "OpenBox" logo, and the text "Blender", and "archlinux".

Creating the model:

As mentioned above, I started with the Arch logo. To create this, I began with blenders default project. This provided me with a cube. I then took that cube, and merged the top edges to create a triangle shape. I then moved to the bottom, an used the knife tool to cut the bottom face into pieces. I then adjusted the position of the edges over the arch logo, in which I had set as my Front background. As seen here:

From there, I continued to chop the logo using the knife tool. Slowly, but surely, adding the details as in the logo itself. I created the loop on the bottom first, and then the two "cracks" on the sides. You can see this step here:

From there, I tried creating the circular thing in the background of the image above. I had it created, but couldn't get it to reflect in a way in which I liked. So I eventually deleted it, and decided to improvise.

I simply created another cube object, and went into "vertex" mode. I then selected all 4 top vertices, and merged them. This created a basic pyramid.

Once I had my pyramid, I made 3 copies of the Arch. I then translated them and rotated them to each side of the pyramid, fitting them in place manually. You can see this here:

Note, in the image above, you can see that the edges are beveled. To do this, I entered "Edit" mode, and used Mesh->Edges->Bevel. This bevels the edges and makes the object much more refined, and pleasant to look at.

From there, I decided to add a little more detail to the base model; the pyramid. So I started creating some objects to kind of embed in the pyramid. For these objects, I chose to model the Opera logo, the supposed OpenBox logo, and add "Blender" and "archlinux" text.

First, I created the Opera logo. This was done by creating two cylinnders, scaling them, and then taking the difference of them. This, in effect, created the entire logo. As seen here:

I then scaled the logo, and positioned it out of my way, so I can create the OpenBox logo.

Next, for the OpenBox logo, I added a Cube mesh. I then used the knife tool to cut the front face according to the logo image. Once cut, I used the extrude function to extrude the faces... inwards. I needed to create the "reverse" of the logo, in order for it to embed properly. As seen here:

Once I had that created, I again, moved it out of my way. To create the text; "Blender", and "archlinux", I used the Text tool. With this, I created the text, and gave it some depth. I then moved it and positioned it near the pyramid. At this time, I also positioned the Logos in place. As seen here:

Lastly, I "differenced" the logos and text with the pyramid. In this next image, you can see the result, and the logos used for the difference moved away from the model:
You'll notice that the edges of the Arch seem a little bent. This is because they're supposed to be curved a little. (Plus I like the look, makes the logo look "old".)

During the creation of this model, I played quite a bit with the textures. I had used texturing in blender before, but never really familiarized myself with it. This time around, I simply applied the textures using trial and error. You can see in ther rendered image, there there is a little bit of a shine to the object, as well as some reflection. I decided to add this because it looks a little nicer. There's also shadowing, but I think that's there by default.

Rendered Image (directly from Blender):
Overall, the most difficult part of this project was deciding on what to model, and judging how long it would take to model something. Having the restriction of no overhangs makes it even more difficult. Which is something I was thinking about with this Arch. With my origional intent, the Arch would have been printed from the back to the front, rather than bottom to top. But since I had an issue with the way the cylinder was rendering, I decided to change it. So then, I couldn't just have a standing Arch. That's when I decided to use a pyramid, because the Arch would be angled, and technically, everything will be supported.

The addition of the engraved text and logos was an interesting experience. I had attempted to create the "VLC" logo, but I realized it would be difficult, and spent much time trying to get it to work. In the end, I decided it would be better to do logos that were more or less flat, that way depth wouldn't be much of an issue. The OpenBox logo, however, was the only logo I used with different depths. So I did get a taste of how that works.

I think the result is quite nice, the model came out just as I wanted.