Attempt at the CN Tower in Toronto

I attempted to recreate the CN Tower, it sort of resembles it but after awhile of struggling to produce an exact replica I decided to create something less advanced.

This model is created out of a 3 cylinders, the base, the viewing area and the spire. In reality the spire is a lot longer, almost the same height as the base. I found it difficult to reproduce a model from images especially since the CN Tower is not square like many other tall buildings.

Storage Box

After spending hours on the CN Tower I started creating a simple 3d box with text. The hardest part of this was setting up the lighting and camera.

This model is created out of two cubes and a letters object.

Canucks Logo

While watching tutorials I found a method of replicating logos using bezier curves, it took a few attempts and a lot of small learning steps but finally I was able to recreate the Vancouver Canucks Logo.

Canadian Western Conference Hockey Teams

After being able to recreate the Canucks logo, I decided to make an item I wanted to print. I took the logos of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and created a single image to use as the template. Once I had the template I traced the three images using bezier curves and transformed them to meshes. Once I was satisfied with the logos I placed them on a box to serve as a backing.


Overall I spent most of my time learning how to use blender(5 hours) by watching tutorials and a lot of trial and error. It took a few more hours to learn how to properly use bezier curves; less extrudes is more apparently when converting from 2d to 3d. Also beauty fill was a nice find when trying to fix errors when trying to create a face on curves.