Crudely Made Rubber Duck
By: Kelly Page

I probably remade my duck over five times, every time restarting because I learned
something different that would make it better, although I am aware the final prject
is far from perfect.
At first i was trying to use many differnt mesh objects to make the object and then
scrapped that idea as I was having troubles with overlap and allignment. So I took
a sphere and started from there.
First I scaled it so it was enlongated and deleted the bottom half of the shape. Then
I selected all of the edge vertices so I could scale and translate them to make a
flat bottom with a hole in the bottom, just like real rubber ducks.

After I finished the bottom I flipped back to the top and made the tail first. I stretched
the back portion up and scaled to make it stick out.

The hardest part of the object for me to make was the head. I did not end up being able
to make it round in the end but I did lots of experimenting with extrapolating and scaling to make it
as it is. It was hard to make the sides even. I have found out there is a better
way to do this, which i will do later and hopefully continue to improve on this project.
The beak was all extrapolation and scaling trying to make the angles as even as I could.
For the eyes I had to delete the faces to make new ones in different shapes to make
them somewhat buldge out.

Next was the smoothing which wasn't hard and really made the duck look better.
Looking slightly less blocky and jagged. After that i started colouring, which I
had some difficulty with at first. At first the duck's eyes were just black:

but I also took a shot of my attempt to give the eyes whites:

After I had completed my duck I learned that there are many things I could have done
differently to make it look smoother and more realistic. I was unaware I can change
the number of vertices and some other smoothing techniques. So I am going to try
again and make a better duck. I realise this is far from good, but I'm actually quite
happy with it because in the last couples weeks my blender skills have definately