CS 3710 Computer Graphics Project

Chris Pinter

Here is the original:

And here is my creation:

It took me a very long time to get inspiration for this project, but once I knew what I wanted to make, it was easy from there. I decided to do my project of a model Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) Controller. This controller is the one with which I grew up. I spent way too much time playing video games with this controller.

I started by commiting to Blender v2.65 by watching hours and hours of tedious video tutorials that blender.org posts online, then downloading it on my computer at home. Many of the operations like translating, rotationg, scaling, etc. were very easy to me because of the tutorial videos I had watched. However, many operations I had to look up online how to do.

Many of the techniques I used were bevel, add color, and shrinkwrap. I also learned how to mirror/reflect, move vertices around to get certain shapes, and create the appearance of buttons. It help me to add names and separate layers aswell.
The hardest part about this was probably the indent on which the D Pad lies. That one took a lot of time. The convex and especially the concave tops on the buttons took a while too. And same with the L and R buttons on the top. But I think it is all about the details.

Completing the project has taught me much, and it has increased my knowledge of computer science and may one day help me get a job that requires graphics editing and/or animation. I hope I get to print this out on the 3D printer at school! I think this would be a cool toy.

P.S. I don't know what that mess near the SELECT button is. It doesn't appear in normal Blender interface, only the rendered image. I hope this won't affect its ability to be printed.