Graphics 3710 Project

David Ptycia



For this project, I decided to make my model Bender from the animation series Futurama. This was my very first time using any type of modeling software and I went with Blender. At first glance, Blender seemed to be quite overwhelming. With the help of many beginner youtube videos on Blender, I was able to slowly put together how some of the functions inside of Blender worked. Trial and error was also a huge part for learning the program. Starting out, the first real issue I had was controlling the view points correctly to be able to access areas of my model that I needed to edit. Shortcuts on the keyboard became incredibly useful for a more productive sitting, instead of trying to search each menu for the specific functions. The hardest part of Blender was the shear size and complexity that you can use to make some incredible images.



Buliding Bender

Since this was my very first attempt at modeling, I decided to go for an object that had the core of a basic shape. Starting with the main body, created from a circle and slowly extruded and scaling the points into his general shape. The subdivide function was a huge help later on as it let me fine tune a few of the areas that weren't lining up how I wanted them to. The head of Bender was also created in this fashion but with more details after the general shape was formed. The arms and legs were formed using curved lines with another shape object data inserted. This created the a nice curve with the volume of a circle.

Another side of Bender

Side Bender


When I first went onto youtube to find tutorials, there were also time-lapse of higher difficulty modeling. These were beyond fascinating to watch and I may have lost a few hours to this alone. The skill and artistic eyes to create some of the more detailed models was very fun to watch come to life. I plan to continue to explore Blender in the future to be able to produce higher quality models for my own satisfaction.