Student Name: Rubin Rana

Document: 3710 Blender Project

Project Deadline: Sat Feb 16, 2013


Project Description


This project was my first ever experience with 3D modeling software. With having no background whatsoever on 3D modeling, I started digging into Blender by researching resources and watching tutorial videos on YouTube. I came across hours and hours of tutorial material on various website and spent almost 8-9 hours of just watching videos before making my mind on what I would like to model for my project.


After hours of shuffling though various how to videos, I finally came across a detail beginner level tutorial of how to model a human face and decided to give it a go. I began my modeling by taking pictures of my face from all different angels and started modeling. I was following close along the lines of tutorial video and everything seems to be smooth right until basic shape and as I went to sculpting the details of face, thatŐs where the things started getting ugly. I realized working with organic shapes was much more difficult. My so-called human face was turning into all kind of weird shapes and was not looking nowhere close to a face. So I started having second thoughts for my human face model and decided to give up on that and work on something simpler.


After few fail attempts on various simple models, I picked to model an aeroplane. A friend/classmate of mine suggested to Google the blueprints since blueprints can provide mathematically correct front, view, top, rear views and itŐd make it easy to model for beginners.  Below is the blue print I used as a base for modeling. I edited the image into four smaller pieces and set them as background image as itŐs corresponding views in Blender.


Figure 1 : Blue print of Air bus 380. (Source)

Modeling Approach


My approach for this project was to begin with box modeling to create basic structure of the model. I set up a quad view of rear, top, bottom view and aligned my vertices so that it matches up in all different views.