CPSC 3710

Computer Graphics

Project - 3D Modeling Software

By Sean Steinke

Student ID: 001161156

For my project, I decided to go with the Edmonton Oilers logo. I made the model by creating 5 different objects. These objects are the white circle, the orange oil drop, the blue outer circle, the letters, and the back cover of the logo. The objects needed to be placed together in various degrees of thickness by using the extrude function. I also had to create new objects from text in order to manipulate the text in 3D. Once the text were objects, I was able to move the vetrices along the Z-axis in order to match the thickeness of the outer blue circle. The oil drop was created from a circle with the manipulation of the vertices. The back cover is a thin layer to cover the different objects.

The most difficult part of this project was getting the letters "OILERS" into a 3D object. The extrude function does not work with text objects. This forced me to find another method I was going to translate the bottom vertices of the letters like the original Oilers logo has. But this was an incredibly daunting task and did not make it into the final project.