Povray project for CPSC 3710
Description File
Logan Birch

I chose to do the green water tower in downtown Lethbridge. I began by going to the site and taking some photo's for my own reference. I then used these photo's to help me develope my project.

I began from the ground up so to speak. I decided I wanted the water tower to appear that it was floating on water. I bagan with the middle column and placed it on a box to make it look like it was on a floatation object. It may be difficult to see do to my lighting choices, but they are there. I chose a sky texture to represent the water surface I was looking for. I also used the premade "skysphere" to give me a realistic sky look.

The dome I created using a four point lathe coordinate curve system. This allowed me more freedom with the dome. I first created the lower section, attached a cylinder in the middle, and then added the top section.

I then added the 8 support columns. Using a unit circle, I calculated the column placements so they would be in a circular pattern and equal distance apart. I then placed smaller boxes on the bottom of each of these columns.
Each column is a cylinder.

Once the actual tower was made, I added four spot lights placed around the tower. I thought this would give it a much more dramatic look, and it did. The spotlight objects were merely cylinders placed on boxes, but it was the light sources that gave them the effect I wanted. Using white cylinders, it was easy for me to give them a "glow" look in order to appear that they were the ones producing the light. All four of my light sources originate from
these cylinders and light up the water tower.