Student Union Building at the University of Lethbridge

The Student Union Building Sucks or for you leet speakers the SU suxorz!

Here is a picture made using Povray of the University of Lethbridge's Student Union Building more commonly referred to as the SU. It was made using a $1 postcard as a reference that can be purchased from those money grubbing bastards at the University Bookstore, which is located in the SU.

I started this project by first making the sky and ground planes. Later, I deleted the grond plane and replaced it with a box shape since there is a path on the right which is lower than the foreground. Then using the lathe function I made the round part of the SU and joined it with the cone shaped building (the University bar called the Zoo) above it. I made the straight part of the roof by rotating a box and then removing the extra parts with the difference function.

The Stairs were the next things that were completed. It was made from two base objects, a long stair and a shorter stair. Three longer stairs and three shorter stairs were used, they were stacked upon each other but moved back slightly as you went up. Although in reality for every long stair there are two shorter stairs and there is an additional two shorter stairs at the base.

The WheelChair Access was the final main part that was done. It was made from combining a box type with a cylinder type and then had paths were made into the box part. The angled front face was made using the difference function after rotating a box and moving it to the right place. The cylinder part had to be repeated because the rotated box had cut into it. The guard rails were omitted because they would of took too much time for a small part of the picture or because I was too lazy (probably the latter).

The Glass part of the SU was made using a cone object and then using the Glass texture. Additional textures had to be choosen for the cement objects. I used the pre-defined stone textures included in the file The final touches were putting in the supports under the roof. The picture was then exported to Adobe Photoshop so I could crop out some of the sky as well as change it to the jpg format.