The Saamis Tepee

Originally part of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary it has been moved to Medicine Hat Alberta for display.

This image was rendered in POVray by David Thurlow for a Computer Science 3710 project at the University of Lethbridge. Most of the work involved the trigonometric calculations needed the translate and rotate the individual pieces of the tepee, especially the blue and red lattice work.

Once one instance of each piece was done I simply made an object out of it, defined it and then rotated copies of the pieces around the y axis at correctly calculated distances. A lot of placement required a great deal of estimation but much more calculation. Forming the shapes needed was relative easy using just basic primitives and a good idea of placement, though most were created at the origin and then rotated and translated into place, this was where the calculations got really ugly.

The lighting was relatively simple after digging through the help files for ideas, and the same goes for the sky sphere which was just minorly changed to create the nice look of sunset. The grass effect was achieved through a recent addition of the Jade texture. The frustrating part was the camera and main light source placement, but it all worked out anyway.

Unfortunately it doesn't look quite as bright as I hoped on my webpage, and I have a suspicion that is has something to do with the brightness of my monitor at home. But anyway I hope you enjoy.