The following picture is from Lethbridge Alberta in front of the tourist information center. It is a ball that is being blown by the wind. It supposedly weighs a large amount, and because it is so windy in Lethbridge all the time, it is off center.

In building this picture, I used various techniques from PovRay. I used a prism to build the base of the aparatus, and a sphere for the ball. As well, two boxes were used to build the "arm". A third box was used for the 'chain' connecting the ball to the arm of the apparatus. I used a stone texture for the apparatus because I thought it looked most like cement. The raindbow in the background was a feature I added at the end which was found in the PovRay manual. I thought it looked nice and fit in well with my image. The grass was made using a green plane, and adding some "bumps" to it.