CS3710 :- Computer Graphics
Project 01

Use POVRay (or MORay) to produce a high quality ray traced image of some local (ie. Southern Alberta)
landmark or feature. In addition to the picture, include a brief description (in html) of how you
made the picture and what it is.

"That Rickety Tower Thing"

You know that old tower that is by the bridge? It's all rusted and old and no one
seems to know what it is... and it looks like it's about to collapse. Well, that is what I
made. I used Newtek's Lightwave 7.0 to make and render the model.
All in all, I think it looks pretty good ;-)

Here is the finished product. I found a nice sunset
image on Google and used it as a background. To make
the tower fit the scene I had to dim the lighting. It
makes the object harder to make out, so I included some
wireframe renderings so you can appreciate the complexity ;-)
I found some appropriate textures on the Internet and applied to
the surfaces accordingly. I think it looks quite similar to the real tower.
Here is the same scene with only the wireframe. Notice
the complexity. I particularly had a hard time getting the
irregular polygons to look right. You may also notice the front
face is triangulated; it was necessary to ensure that the polygons
rendered properly.
Here is a side view of the Object.