This is my first effort at a major 3D model, so please forgive the crudeness of it. The picture is of Whoop-Up Drive on a foggy day, with some ground fog over the river. It was created in 3D Studio Max 5.0 over a period of several days.

The terrain was created by modelling a box, then adding a height map created freehand in Photoshop 6.0. The main source of data came from a postcard purchased in the Student Union Service Center, as no topographical maps of value could be found in the university library. The water was added next by adding another box inside the terrain box. Reflectiveness was added via ray tracing along with a bluish tint. Ripples were created using a noise map. The highway was composed of several lofts created with rectangles and lines. The forest on the far bank is composed of low polygon trees created at the last moment. A displacement map was applied to a sphere creating an irregular shape. The ground fog was created with a gizmo with environmental volumetric fog on the inside. More volumetric fog was added above it, but not as thickly.

Given more time, I might have added traffic, a better texture on the pavement, higher polygon trees, grass, more weather effects, and possibly a slightly more accurate topographical map of the area, as well as animations.


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