POV Ray Project
   This heart warming scene was made with 100% POVRay.  It was not a model of a specific site, but just a good old typical scene of the absolutely fascinating scenery surrounding the metropolis we call Lethbridge.

    I made good use of the 'while' loop included in POVRay.  The log cabin, fence's,  and silo's were all created using the while loop.  This saved allot of time and code, but needed to use allot of math, such as sin, cos, etc.  Everything was made out of simple objects such as cubes, cylinders, etc.

    The log cabin was created with just cylinders with a wood texture, and a thin box through the logs, acting as the caulking between the logs.  The silos were simply flat cylinders that alternated between two slightly different sizes, giving it a more realistic texture and look.

    For best viewing, I'd suggest looking at the higher resolution version, so you can see the finer things in life like the barbs on the barb wire fence.  Here's a peek: 

Click here for a higher resolution version: